Tom Durden


I'm an artist living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I enjoy to make stunning art with people that I like.


I love people, visual art, technology and especially the combination of these three. When you meet me you will notice that I am tall, have a soft voice and I tend to make people feel at ease. 


During my time at the university I started with photography as a hobby, later I worked a lot on paintings, and these days I enjoy making Dronudes. I work with all kind of models, who enjoy modelling as much as I love to create art. Together we discuss locations, poses and opportunities to create strong images.

If you are a journalist and want to use my images for a publication, please link to this website and contact me for the publication rights.


If you like my work and consider modelling, feel free to get in touch with me, contact me at tomdurden80@gmail.com or use the options described at the menu Interact.


Photo left: by Date van Utteren