Drones and Nudes

Drones and nudes are a great combination.

A drone can make photographs from viewpoints which are rarely used: 5 to 120 meters up in the air. This provides opportunity to see landscapes from above, like treetops, high grass and treelines but also man-made structures like a watch tower or a high-rise building. The drones that I work with are top of the line, technological advanced, very reliable, and shoot in high resolution.

Working with drones is pioneering since the drone-technology is still developing, the machines are still rare, software seems to be always in Beta-test, and new features appear monthly. Photographing nudes from a drone is pioneering since there are no courses or examples.


Fortunately, I love pioneering.

Nudes are beautiful to draw, paint or photograph. For me it is about purity, sensuality, soft colors and interesting personalities. So far I have made thousands of drawings and perhaps a hundred paintings. I love to draw and paint, but it requires also a lot of time to create the results that I want.

The combination of landscape photography from a drone and nudes-from-a-distance seems to fit very well. Landscapes are beautiful when seen from a certain height, and nudes are really all curves, lines and beauty when seen from a distance. Nudes give power to a landscape and the resulting drone-nudes or Dronudes feel like new art form.

Finally, besides thanking my sponsor, much honor goes out to the models, since they are the ones that have the courage to work with the whizzing drones, the heat or the cold, the high grass and long walks in Dutch nature parks. Thank you all!