• Tom Durden


Valkyrie was a bit reserved about being photographed, she originally modelled for drawings only. Valkyrie has as a special feature: she resembles a very innocent young girl. She is 20 and does not dress to impress nor wears a lot of make-up. But, she is not.

Instead, Valkyrie is one of the most strong and open-minded persons I have ever met. I made all kinds of drawings, and she also posed with a female model for beautiful drawings. Perhaps her free spirit has something to do with her genes (partly Asian) or her study (psychology). I tried to fit her character into a box, but I was wrong and wrong again. I am still a bit puzzled. Valkyrie told me that that is OK, since she too is often puzzled about herself. :)

Although Valkyrie had doubts about being photographed, she wanted to try a droneshoot to see how it was to be photographed in a nature area, and I promised not to publish any of the resulting photos if she did not enthusiastically consent. 

We headed for the Horsterwold on one of the hottest days in the year. Heat, sweat, bugs, but Valkyrie did pose bravely. After the first few poses I showed her the results. Although these results were already good, Valkyrie got even more inspired and proposed some very original poses which I really loved.

Lessons learned: Innocent looking models can be deceptive. Don’t push a model, always work together based on mutual enthusiastic consent. Some models need time to get used to the idea to be photographed.

To do: Find more female models that like to pose together. Ideas for future shoots: Plan shoots with multiple female models. Perhaps start with drawing sessions first.   

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